Thursday, October 13

1. Genius Hour Post #3 Grades/Comments next week
2. Preparing for Inquiry Question Composition
3. Finish presentation for Working with OTA students (don’t forget to submit your link)

Looking ahead
1. No class next week: EDIT 2000 “Fall Break”
Note: I’ll be pretty available by email next week, so if you need something, let me know.
2. Genius Hour Post #4 (due Thursday, October 20 @ 11:59pm)
3. Google Kool-aid project (due Tuesday, October 25 by 11:59pm)


Tuesday, October 11

Tuesday, October 11
1. Survey request
2. Google Sheets Activity: Essential Google Apps Skills Level Up Game
Directions: Mark off in column A the skills you know, see what level you are!! For skills you do not know, click on the link in column I and J for some directions to build your skill level and add to your points!
3. Interview Protocol: question types
4. Working with OTA Students

Looking ahead
1. Thursday: Google Activity, Athens/UGA research, questions for 1st graders
2. No class next week: EDIT 2000 “Fall Break”
3. Find an interviewee for your Genius Hour Post #4 (due: October 20 @ 11:59pm)
4. Work on your Google Kool-aid project (due October 25 @ 11:59pm)

Thursday, October 6

Thursday, October 6th
1. Genius Hour Post #3: What do you think?
2. Google Centers (finish)
3. Genius Hour Post #4
4. Genius Hour Post #4 Brainstorm: 12:30pm, 2pm

To Do for Tuesday, October 11
1. Review your Genius Hour Post #3 and fix if necessary

Looking ahead
1. Find an interviewee for your Genius Hour Post #4
2. Keep thinking about your Google Kool-aid project (more Google activities next week)