Thursday, September 29


  1. Finish putting together Google Cardboard
  2. Test with Kali’s 360 photo of Aderhold (sent via email)
  3. Google Campus Expeditions in Groups
    • Go to your assigned UGA landmark
    • On the way there, check out what images have already been taken there (if any)
    • When you get there, take a selfie of your group at your landmark and email/text it to Kali.
    • Take 360 photo of your landmark; try to capture a view that has not already been captured.
    • Publish it.
      • If it won’t publish, the setting might say over wifi only; either get on wifi or change the setting.
    • Share it with Kali via email or text.
  4. That’s all for today! Be ready for some Google Cardboard and Centers fun next week!

To do for Tuesday, October 4
1. Genius Hour Blog Post #3 (due before class)
2. Start working on Google Kool-aid Project (due October 25 by 11:59pm)


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