Thursday, September 29


  1. Finish putting together Google Cardboard
  2. Test with Kali’s 360 photo of Aderhold (sent via email)
  3. Google Campus Expeditions in Groups
    • Go to your assigned UGA landmark
    • On the way there, check out what images have already been taken there (if any)
    • When you get there, take a selfie of your group at your landmark and email/text it to Kali.
    • Take 360 photo of your landmark; try to capture a view that has not already been captured.
    • Publish it.
      • If it won’t publish, the setting might say over wifi only; either get on wifi or change the setting.
    • Share it with Kali via email or text.
  4. That’s all for today! Be ready for some Google Cardboard and Centers fun next week!

To do for Tuesday, October 4
1. Genius Hour Blog Post #3 (due before class)
2. Start working on Google Kool-aid Project (due October 25 by 11:59pm)


Tuesday, September 27

1. Project grades and comments
2. Course Planner and Project List Update
3. Google Kool-aid Project Instructions
4. Choice, Voice, and GAFE Reading Response
5. Google Cardboard: what is it?
6. Making Google Cardboard in groups
     a. Google Cardboard Materials
     b. Google Cardboard Instruction
     c. Google Cardboard Template
7. (if time) Google Centers

Looking ahead
1. Genius Hour Blog Post #3 (due Tuesday, October 4th before class)
3. No class October 18 or October 20 (work on projects)

Thursday, September 15

1. Grades
2. Recap of Tuesday
3. Memes
4. Meme making activity: 12:30pm2pm
5. Review Maker Education Project Instructions
6. High vs. Low Tech Brainstorm
7. Class Vote

Looking ahead
1. Maker Education Projects and Reflection due September 22 before class
2. Maker Faire in class Thursday, September 22 (bring your projects)
3. Read for September 22: Giving Students More Voice and ChoiceGoogle for Education 101 video

Tuesday, September 13

1. Grades and comments in eLC
2. Genius Hour Post #2 due before class TODAY
3. Course Planner Update
4. Reading Check and Discussion
5. Upcycling; Upcycling examples
6. Upcycling Activity
7. Maker Education Projects

To do for September 15
1. Consider two things you might do for a Maker Education project (one high tech, one low tech)
2. Come to class ready for some “high tech” maker activities and discussion

Tuesday, September 6

Tuesday, September 6
1. Grades entered and Affinity Space Project ideas
2. Flipgrid responses
3. Creating a playlist
4. Sharing a playlist
5. Creating a video for your playlist (other ideas: Flipagram, Screencastify, Quicktime, Movie Maker, iMovie, other apps?)
6. Class vote

To do for Thursday, September 8
1. Work on Affinity Space Playlist and Reflection (due September 8 by 11:59pm)

Looking ahead
1. Genius Hour Post #2 (due September 13th before class)
2. Maker Ed readings for class September 13: TIME Magazine Maker Article and We Are Makers Video