Tuesday, August 30

Agenda Tuesday, August 30
1. Odds and Ends (attendance + reading checks)
2. UDL Reading Check
3. UDL Discussion of reading check answers
4. UDL Principles and Practice
5. Examples of UDL: Math exampleELA exampleNeumann examples (high school and middle school)
6. Developing a UDL Activity

To Do for Thursday, September 1
1. Genius Hour Post #1 (due before class)
2. Watch: The child-driven education (17 minutes)
3. Skim: Affinity Space Wikipedia Page

Looking ahead
1. Flipgrid post (due before class Tuesday, September 6)
2. Affinity Space Playlist & Reflection (due by 11:59pm Thursday, September 8)


Thursday, August 25


  1. Course Planner update
  2. Computer shortcuts that will save your life!
  3. What is Genius Hour?
  4. Genius Hour Video
  5. Genius Hour Project Requirements
  6. Quick GH Brainstorm
  7. Genius Hour Post #1

To do for Tuesday, August 30

  1. Read UDL
  2. Skim Horizon Report
  3. Skim National Tech Plan

*Start working on Genius Hour Post #1 (Due: Thursday, September 1)

Thursday, August 18


  1. Centers (3 x 20 minutes each)
  2. Reading “Check”
  3. How to embed your Flipagram

To do for class on Tuesday, August 23

  1. Finish setting up your WordPress (click here for requirements)

  2. Flipagram (embed/link before class on Tuesday)
    • Create a Flipagram that summarizes your first full week of EDIT 2000.
    • You may use some of my pictures from our first day
    • Share your Flipagram to your YouTube account and embed/link it on the home page (this is your bio/about me page) of your WordPress portfolio.
  3. Read the Meaningful Learning Chapter (this is the longest thing I will ask you to read all semester; read it. It’s important. Hint: You might have a reading check at the beginning of class on Tuesday.)


Tuesday, August 16


  1. Recap of Day 1
  2. Questions/comments about the syllabus and course planner
  3. Teacher Technology Adoption and the Pencil Metaphor
  4. Centers

To Do for Thursday, August 18th

  1. Read the ISTE Student Standards
  2. Complete Student Information form (if you haven’t already)
  3. Compile images for your Flipagram (due next Tuesday)
    • Create a Flipagram that summarizes your first full week of EDIT 2000.
    • You may use some of my pictures from our first day
    • Share your flipagram to your YouTube account and link it on the bio page of your WordPress portfolio.
    • Check out my example Flipagram, which is a summary of my summer.